Easy Guides to Upload Your Video to YouTube

If we is going to back a decade ago, blogging or blogger were considered as the best way to share and get much information. Technology has rapidly developed and it changes everything in the world. And, vlog or video blog is the new form in this era. YouTube as the most popular online video streaming platform becomes the media to share the information. You can put anything on YouTube from vlogs, musics, videos or even comedy sketch which will be easily seen by people around the world. And, if you want to start creating your fame on YouTube, so upload your video now! Additionally, YouTube can give you money when having a channel, regularly uploading videos and getting many subscribers, likes and comment

If you may be wondering how to upload a video to YouTube, this article will show the steps. First of all, you should have a Google account and a YouTube account. Please sign in to your account when you are going to upload your video. Now you can upload your video, click an up arrow with a line underneath it on the top right-hand corner. Once you clicked it, you will be taken to a dedicated upload page of YouTube. Next, you will be give several different options on the uploading page. Here you can decide who you want to see your video, set the privacy, and set time and date for a video to become public. After you have done with it. You should decide where you are uploading it from. So, keep your eyes focus in this section.

After you have confirmed the video you are going to upload, it has begun and you will see a progress bar on your screen. In this step, you can put title and add some descriptions and some relevant tags for public easily fund it. You can also go in-depth with your video by addition translated subtitles for YouTubers around the world. Unless you have a verified account, you will be not permitted to be creative with thumbnails. But, you still have a choice. Once your uploading process is done, you have three thumbnails from the uploaded video you can choose from. After selecting your favorite thumbnails, click the blue button “publish” or “done” to finalize. Additionally, if you want to make any changes in the features, you all need to do is by heading to “Create Studio”. This video manages will give you full access to any tools you need and overview each video in detail.

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